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As in business and climbing, there has to be some balance between fun and focus. The focus of Bradley Alpinist is to serve the mountaineering enthusiasts and mountain guide communities by offering hard to find equipment for mountain climbing expeditions and alpine style accents. Our product offering includes climbing hardware, technical apparel for climbingl, down sleeping bags, tents, packs, mountaineering books, climbing accessories, and an exclusive line of climber’s jewelry. At the end of the day, we do this because it's fun, and it affords us a good amount of time off to climb and travel to places where our gear loves to play, and come back with ideas..

Our premise for doing what we do stems from the reality that climbing at altitudes above 15,000ft introduces a different set of factors that affect not only the climber, but standard equipment. It's not only different in terms of a whole new level of exposures and potentially punishing circumstances, but the fact that many of your trusted essential equipment begins to perform less, and additional equipment is absolutely required. . Examples of this range from proper pot sizes for melting of snow which allows an ability to pour efficient volumns into water bottles, to stove systems that burn white gas, fuel bottle insulators, stove platforms, and hydration systems. Even equipment of the highest quality, effective in most environments you may encounter, may begin to perform less or even fail you at higher altitudes.

We have hand selected the brands, and products from those brands that we offer, none of which include "lifestyle" clothing, bookpacks, or yoga matts. Many high grade and trusted climbing hardware and software brands we all trust, such as Black Diamond, Petzl, Patagonia, North Face, and Gregory, etc., may not offered by us, but can be readily found most anywhere else ( in some cases, even Dillards or Walmart). We love, trust, appreciate, and use many of the products of these brands too. We feel we easily match, and in some cases surpass these good brands with our selected offerings, delivering a your unique niche of high grade brands for Alpinists. If you could find here with us, what you could find anywhere else, with anyone else in terms of service or products, then what significant value do we pass to you as the customer?

This niche concept is best displayed in our offering of the very hard to find, Dachstein wool sweaters, mitts, and hats from Austria. In fact, in the USA, we are either one of just a few, or perhaps even the only retailer to offer the Austrian Dachstein Wolle line. Back when mountaineering was born, these "Dachstein" insulative wool products were the standard, and later became iconic of the Alpinist. They all but disappeared, beginning in the early 90's, as high tech, lightweight fabrics and coatings became the standard. Still, these incredibly thick, boiled wool sweaters mitts and hats offer incredible warmth, water and wind resistance, and durability. Today, many alpinists seek these unique, classic, modern vintage wool products that are produced in the classic "Dachstein" methods. There are no substitutes, ask anyone who has worn one. In the wake of the demand for high tech synthetics, many of the original companies that used to produce these "Dachstein Boiled Wool" garments, such as Derkogner Schladminger, and Lackner Wolle, are now gone. Few remain, and as a retailer, Bradley Alpinist has managed to revive the offering of these wool products in the USA, bringing our customers a choice to own their own piece of classic alpinist equipment in the "Dachstein" style, the Alpinist Pullover by Dachstein Wolle of Austria, as well as Dachstein Mitts, and Dachstein Hats. This is what we at Bradley Alpinist are about.

We are a lean operation, responsive and available for feedback and dialogue. Many sales to our customers were first founded in a series of consultative conversations about what would be proper for a particular purpose or endeavor. Our products are not for everyone, and in some cases, maybe to overkill for the intended usage or need. If we don't offer the right product for the job, we help source that for our customers, directing them to many of our retail friends who can offer them what they need.